Jennie’s Results …

I have now heard presentations twice from Jennie Brown. The first was so inspiring, that I couldn’t wait to arrange another presentation; this time to our local Rotary Club. This was inspirational and was a big hit with all the members present. Jennie comes across with a relaxed and personable style that some would describe as the girl next door and manages to embrace you with the warmth of her words, making you feel that everything in your dreams is within your grasp. You just have to believe in yourself and your dreams.

Malcolm McNeil

Rotary Club of Port Macquarie Sunrise, NSW


Recently we invited Jen Brown to share with our team why she is so passionate about life, faith, her business and giving to support the needs of others, both locally and internationally. Jen really connected with, and inspired all of us with her warmth, passion and stories.

Drawing from a lifestyle of living open-handedly and her own personal history, Jen encouraged us all in the value of our work at World Vision.

Jen is a great communicator who grabs your heart and changes your perspective about financial freedom and our ability to make a positive difference in this world.

Dave Martin

Senior Relationships Manager, World Vision QLD

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It was a pleasure having Jennie speak for us! Not only did she break the record of RSVPs of our monthly events but the audience was also absolutely taken in by Jennie’s talk! One member approached me after the talk and said: ‘Thank you so much Ephraem for having Jennie speak tonight, I had goose bumps during her talk!’. Looking forward to having her back again soon!

Ephraem Leitner

Property Investment Networking Group Melbourne





Jennie Brown was the key speaker at a recent meeting of our CHRISTIAN BUSINESS NETWORK at Cleveland. Jennie was inspiring and is a great communicator! With a great sense of humour she also challenged every one of us to consider what our life purpose was. Every attendee was visibly affected by her moving presentation about how to bring out God’s best in us and to fulfill our destiny!

Thanks Jennie.

Alan Lucas

President CBN Australia







The thing I love about Jennie is she’s real. She’s authentic, no BS, just commitment to the audience that they get value. Not just then and there but long term value. It’s a privilege having Jennie on my stage and she’s always welcome back.

Nhan NguyenNhan Nguyen

Advanced Property Strategies


Jennie Brown has spoken on numerous occasions at my Brisbane Property Networking Group.

I have also had the pleasure of attending her own seminars as an attendee and assistant during each event. Jennie has an uncanny knack of being able to connect with her audience when speaking from stage.

Her knowledge, passion and generosity consistently shine through in her performance and positively affects everybody in the room.

I often receive excellent feedback from people that attend my event when Jennie speaks to the group. Her ability to impart her wealth of knowledge with clarity is inspirational to watch.

When Jennie speaks, the energy in the room is always filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Her ability to read the room and perceive the level of energy that is required has always fascinated me and to her credit, ensures the audience always leaves feeling empowered, motivated and inspired.

Matt JonesMatt Jones

Brisbane Property Networking Group & Property Resource Shop


When Jennie spoke at Active Property Network recently I was greatly impressed with her knowledge, experience, and particularly the way she ensured the audience partook in her teachings. We have been overwhelmed at the volume of the feedback since and look forward to having Jennie back again soon.Troy Harris

Troy Harris

Founder & Director, Active Property Network, Melbourne


Jennie is one of the most unique, inspiring and enjoyable Wealth and Mindset speakers we have had at the Brisbane Northside Property Investor Networking Group! People love to hear her amazing yet down to earth real life stories and adventures as they craftfully relate to the teaching she shares.

I have witnessed and experienced her audience being drawn in and really “get it” – I believe this is a direct result of Jennie’s genuine passion, integrity, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to make a BIG difference to all she meets!

I have also had the privilege of working with and being coached by Jennie at various workshops including a Mastermind event and a Motivational Day for Teens!

To say I appreciate, respect and take action on any coaching Jennie casts my way is an understatement!Paul Derry

Paul Derry

Managing Director


From Clients …

I recently had the good fortune to attend one of Jennie Brown’s Mindset Mastery weekends.

As an ex school teacher I was well aware that people who actually know what their purpose in life is have such an advantage over people who are still searching it almost seems unfair!

I was also aware that most people are really unsure about what their purpose in life actually is.

People who know their purpose go straight for their goals. People who don’t know spend their lives meandering and really going nowhere special.

Right from the start of Jennie’s event it became obvious that this applies to so many people, regardless of their age or gender but by the end of her event everyone knew their purpose and was excited about the next chapter of their life.

I can’t give you the details, but I can tell you that Jennie’s process is an awesome experience that everyone should go through and the sooner the better.

David Wright


What a unique weekend with Jennie Brown at Mindset Mastery!

I knew instantly that Jennie was someone who could give me the direction and belief to follow my heart and do what I really was meant to do.

If you want to find your purpose and keep moving forward with your dreams and goals, then do the amazing Mindset Mastery weekend with Jennie. What an enormous gift she gives.

Margaret Cusack, Brisbane


I saw Jennie Brown talking a couple of times at Property Investor Groups before attending her weekend group. I was always intrigued by this woman who always seemed positive, happy and on the right path in life.

I am so glad I attended the 3 days weekend, not only did I meet some amazing like minded people but I got really deep into my mind – things I had no idea I was thinking and believing and sorted out some paths with what I want out of life. It was a very emotional weekend, I haven’t gotten that deep ever it felt really cleansing.

I would recommend everyone doing this weekend it will change your life.

Victoria Whitbread, Brisbane


Mindset Mastery was an inspiring and rewarding 3 day workshop that will last a lifetime. I was filled with anticipation and nerves before commencing this journey but by the end of the three days I was invigorated. I personally did not find my purpose but I am well on the way to knowing it. The tools that I learned to use are valuable life skills that will enable me to grow as a person and to be a better person. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can now move forward with no regret. This course has been the most powerful three days that I have spent on ‘myself’ and I highly recommend it. Thanks Jennie for leading me through this journey, it’s made a massive difference in my life.

Sharon Nicholson, QLD


It was amazing how in such a short amount of time Jennie was able to identify the key issues affecting my performance.  Jennie then provided me with a number of clear and simple strategies that I am able to implement into my daily routine with immediate results.

If you are having trouble with  mindset or not achieving your goals then you need to talk to Jennie.

Peter Pepperell CA, Pepperell & Associates, Milton


Experiencing the Wealth Retreat is a life-changing experience. Before I went I was so busy and caught up with the pressures and stress of running my business and my life!

Of course, Jen gave us the ultimate, luxurious retreat – we travelled 5-star all the way and experienced all the beauty that Vietnam offers. Just stunning.

But what was really powerful for me was the inner journey that Jen took us on…

The opportunity to take time out from my everyday life, invest time in ‘me’ was priceless. The opportunity to actually get super-clear about what ‘true wealth’ means to me and to intentionally set my life’s priorities was invaluable. Thanks for your big vision Jen, and for sharing your gifts. I know it has truly made a difference for each and every one of us.

Deb Lindner, Founder & Director, Australian Institute of Home Stagers & Mink Home Staging, Brisbane


The last eight months I’ve spent with Jennie have had a massive positive impact on my life. The Mindset Mastery weekend bought all the pieces of the puzzle together.

I now have a clear and complete picture of my life that excites, inspires and motivates me.

I’ve never felt so at peace and happy – life is good!!

Tamara Wecker, Brisbane


I met Jennie Brown at a time in my life where I was stuck and had been for such a long time. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but the road of how to get there eluded me.  I was trying my hardest and things were moving so very slowly and to this day, I still don’t know if I would have ever made it. Then I met this fast talking very excitable short red head who made me sit up and take notice.  She got my attention straight away and has in a very short time inspired me to make my dream a reality.

Jennie has a very big heart full of generosity, she has helped me find the mind set and the strength to move through my fears and face the prospect that I can have my dream.

I thank you Jen from the bottom of my heart for your help, support and guidance.

You are a very special gem.

Lyn Willcocks-Eaton, Brisbane


I have enrolled in many investing education programs but have struggled to achieve my goals with these programs.  After attending Jennie’s Mindset Mastery course it was clear to me that Jennie’s refreshing approach to coaching was ideal for me.

I have been working with Jennie for 5 weeks and have already achieved more with Jennie than I have in the last 2 years!  Jennie’s empowered me not only with my investing but in many other areas of my life too.  Jennie’s very easy to work with and her down to earth approach has allowed me to plan exactly what I want and already tick-off goals!

I highly recommend Jennie’s coaching to anyone who is looking to plan and achieve exactly what they want with their investing.

Adam Fletcher, Sydney


My interest in property began in 2006 and over the years I have attended many seminars and workshops by many different speakers, some paid for and some free. I met Jennie Brown in 2010 and after her first program, I knew my mentor was right in front of me! Many property ‘experts’ profess to have extensive knowledge, but very few I have come to trust like I trust Jennie.

I am continually impressed by Jennie’s integrity – she is honest, passionate about teaching ordinary people to become extraordinary, and very importantly, helps us dream big dreams whilst not misleading us into thinking that success comes easily.

And she’s fun! How awesome it is to learn about property investing, do some hard work and have loads of fun doing it! These are just some of the attributes that set Jennie apart from the field and for anyone determined to succeed in property, Jennie’s the mentor you need!

Shirley Ching, Melbourne


I would describe the Mindset Mastery event as a place where you find out your true purpose in life. We all have a feeling that there’s ‘more to life’ than the daily grind, and most of us know of something that is our true passion … but we’re not sure how to define it, what to do about it, or we may not even be clear on it all.  Then comes the confusion of so many things to think about everyday, how do I work out what I truly want to achieve in my life?  How do I then create a plan to achieve them?  How do I not listen to those voices in my head saying ‘you’re too busy’, ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘you don’t deserve it’, and any other number of them?

I walked into MM not knowing what to expect – both from the event and from myself, doubtful on how I could walk out after 3 days with any clearer a picture of what to do. After all, I was driven, focused, and passionate – what could Jennie help me with that I couldn’t do myself?

The experience was a deeply personal journey for each and every single person in that room.  I shared things I never thought I would.  I connected with a number of people, and to this day, I know I have found a new friend in one of them.  I have astounding clarity on what I want in my life, and how to get there.  Does it mean I now have ‘all the answers’?  No.  What I do have is the end goal, the road I need to take to get there, and the resilience to pick myself up after life knocks me down and re-focus on my end goal.

Nothing will waiver me now.

Candace Brown, Melbourne


The difference Mindset Mastery has made to my life defies words. The increased level of motivation alone has been mind blowing.

I am setting goals, working towards achieving them.

I’m much more positive.

I’m happier.

I feel alive again …

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Carolyn Foster – Sydney


We just wanted to drop a quick line to Jennie to say thanks for such a lifetime changing event.  Recently my wife and I attended a three day event in Sydney titled Mindset Mastery. Being very skeptical on what to expect having attended similar seminars in the past and walking away feeling very disappointed we attended this event with open minds and was very pleasantly surprised.

This three day event was one off the most invigorating powerful and thought provoking event we have ever attended.  It clearly exceeded our expectations and has changed our lives forever. We now have direction through identifying and establishing goals, positive mindset & language and a thought process and plan to ensure we achieve our goals and dreams.

Jennie is unbelievable, she has a very kind gentle and unique style which captures you and changes you in many different ways.  It was very powerful, emotional and rewarding.

I cannot recommend it enough and thank Jennie for such an experience.  Please, if you are looking for purpose and direction in life this is one of the best three days you will ever attend.

PS Special thanks to Kris for such a powerful moment

Cameron & Nadine Skene, Melbourne


The Jennie Brown Events 2011 Wealth Retreat to Vietnam was an outstanding experience for myself and for all involved. Having exclusive time to be up-close and personal with a leader and motivator such as Jennie Brown was such a rich experience. The activities she planned and the person she is all rubbed off onto the participants, challenging us to go beyond where we were and empowering us to move on. Jennie has a way of disarming the limitations in people and helping them to find a way to get rid of their fear and limitation by themselves, without feeling pushed to grow. Jennie is a remarkable person with a God given gift to help people reach their full potential.

From my observation, every person that went on the 2011 Wealth Retreat was changed in a profound way.

Each person, especially myself, left the retreat wanting more but champing at the bit to go home because we had somehow grown in our potential.

I should also mention that the Wealth Retreat was the most FUN I have had in long time.

If you are considering going, just go, you will be glad you went! This is the kind of experience money cannot buy.

Tosh Sturgess, Author & Speaker, Brisbane


Three fantastic days spent removing the mind of negativity to start fresh with a mindset of success.

Shaun Pederson, Melbourne


There have many times when I have really wondered if I am following my true destiny or living the best life I can live, and have looked at ways to improve my life right now. While there certainly are many books and other media avenues to read and wander further, it was a positive step for me to actually take the real time out of everyday life to investigate this further.

Jennie’s Mindset Mastery Weekend provided the opportunity to tap into Jen’s wealth of experience and knowledge in mindset, and to set yourself up for what you want your life to be.

Jennie provided a safe, nurturing environment for me to look at my life experiences and desires and how they influence the way I currently live life, and how these experiences and desires can be used to move towards living a balanced, fulfilling life.

With practical tasks to use in the real world I feel I have now given myself the permission to become more and give more. Thank you Jen.

Ruth Eastment, Brisbane


Jennie Brown’s Vietnam Wealth Retreat in November 2011 is one of the most special and memorable experiences I’ve ever had. It was a fantastic holiday and so much more! The months leading up to the Wealth Retreat were shrouded in secrecy – Jennie is full of surprises and great at keeping secrets! All we knew of was a time, date and location for arrival. There was five start luxury, exotic locations and exquisite cuisine. Yes, I might have been able to organise that kind of holiday on my own, but what I couldn’t have done on my own or even with friends and family was share in the journey that Jennie took us on.

What makes the Wealth Retreat an awesome experience is because it’s not just any ordinary five star holiday. It was a journey of personal growth in every facet of life – a journey filled with dreams, of achievement, of vulnerabilities and of philanthropy. All of this was made possible by Jennie and the special people I journeyed with.

By experiencing the Wealth Retreat with like minded people, we each brought something that enriched one another’s lives. What had begun as a simple holiday finished as a very special experience that had gone beyond my imagination, exceeded my expectations and expanded my boundaries. I came back feeling energised, excited, refreshed, peaceful and abundant in every area of my life.

I recommend the Wealth Retreat to everyone. No matter where you are in life, you can always be better and dream bigger. The Wealth Retreat will help you do that and much much more – but ssshhhh, I can’t say too much because the rest is a secret!

Shirley Ching, Melbourne


It might seem a little strange to hear that a group of entrepreneurial real estate investors could not only throw a lifeline to a person who found himself wallowing in the negatives of life, but could actually change that person’s life around to become one of achieving goals, creating confidence, better human relationships and on the road to setting up the financial means to become independent of a job and ready to tackle later life with energy and enthusiasm. I had always thought of myself as a successful professional, working very hard to provide for my family and ultimately to provide my wife and I with a comfortable retirement. That was until I suddenly found myself being informed that my 32 year marriage was over and that the small nest egg that we had created was essentially gone!

I moved to Brisbane with no idea of what I was going to do and with no plans for moving forwards or indeed, for the future at all. 2011 started with the Brisbane floods, evacuation and thousands of dollars of lost belongings and the loss of a month’s work and it proceeded to go downhill from there. In June 2011, I took the plunge and decided to learn all I could about real estate investing as it always interested me but seemed too risky in the past. I thought what have I got to lose?

So I turned up in Jennie’s REIM group, knowing very little, but willing to learn all I could about real estate investing. I was made very welcome by Jennie and her group.  Jennie soon opened my eyes to the fact that I was limiting myself to my present lifestyle and had no firm goals in place. I was living with a negative and non productive mind set, unable to achieve what I thought I wanted. In fact I really didn’t know what I wanted!

Over the next few months, I began to understand that real estate investing was really a means to an end and that the real purpose of my being there was to open my mind to new ideas, positive thoughts and the ability to dream and to build a pathway to reach my goals and dreams. She showed me a way to set my goals out concisely and to write them down as though they have become part of my life, even though they seemed so far away in reality.

On June 30th 2011, I wrote up 10 goals to achieve by June 30th 2012! Some of these seemed somewhat possible at the time and others seemed almost impossible to even to be thinking about reaching them within a year.  By March 2012, I was looking at my goals which are up on the wall above my desk, and noticed that I had already reached 7 out the 10 goals I had set and that night, I unexpectedly met another goal. The two goals that are left are financial goals that I may not actually reach by June but am very likely to by the end of the year.

I am absolutely amazed that not only have I reached and in some cases, surpassed those goals, I have become a happier and more content person who is focused and driven towards positive outcomes. I am enjoying the journey I am on at the moment, and even though there are still some difficulties and some hurdles to get around, I am in a much better frame of mind and more confident of where I am going in life and what I want out of life.

Jennie has had a profound influence on my life to date and is a person in whom I can trust and will always hold her advice and approach to life, very close at hand.

Oh… and I have also learnt so much invaluable real estate knowledge from Jennie that I am using it to achieve my financial freedom.

Thank you Jennie and your wonderful team.

 David Roberts, Brisbane  


Hi Jennie

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know just how much I’ve appreciated all your guidance, wisdom, support and encouragement through the Real Estate Investing Mentorship (REIM) program that I’ve been privileged to be a part of this year.  And I say a privilege because I’ve learnt so much from your un-ending knowledge and expertise in every area of real estate investing which has helped me to gain an understanding of how it all works, what to focus my attention on and what not to waste my time on.

I now have confidence in choosing the property investments that bring  good profit and how to take each deal through a simple process to know its outcome before signing anything, and that’s just been crucial in this present market!  It’s also been wonderful to learn about our economy in Australia, its history and cycles, and the importance of understanding the demographics and peoples needs in property.

I remember sitting in one of your conferences earlier this year and you were talking on the spending cycles of the average Australian and how that impacts the property market, and it was one of those moments where the scales came off and I could see clearly the direction and strategy I had to take to ensure success in my investing, it all made so much sense and I just felt so excited at the possibilities.

The information and learning has been incredible, it has taken away a lot of the ‘mystery’ of property investing for me.

Your mindset coaching has also had a huge impact on my life.  Previously I didn’t give much thought to goal setting, and actually taking the time to write down what I want in life and the things that are important to me, but I now know first hand just how important and powerful these things are as I’m seeing my goals become a reality through making them clear.

In particular, since starting your mentorship program in May, I’ve set some very significant and life changing goals, one of those was the sale of my house which sold within 10 days for above the asking price in a market where some properties have taken 12 months to sell.  I can’t thank you enough for your help and advice with selling my property, it was invaluable, and the result made that clear! 

Another goal was to be completely debt free, which I can also now celebrate!!

You’ve taught me to be very clear and direct in what my goals are, and to maintain a healthy, positive thought life to allow these goals to come to fruition. Understanding the importance of a positive mindset and addressing the negative thoughts has been crucial and key in transforming my life, and changing my circumstances in a way that has given me confidence to know that I’m on the right track, and I am just so excited for what’s ahead!

So thanks so much Jen, I am thoroughly enjoying this journey of learning all I can from your years of knowledge and experience, and it really is a privilege to be mentored by you; you’re a true woman of integrity who has such a passion to see others succeed and realise their dreams, and I’m truly blessed to be one of them!!

Kris Jones, Gold Coast


Being mentored by Jennie Brown has been a life changing experience! Not only have I learnt about multiple property strategies and how to assess the most appropriate one to suit my circumstances, most importantly Jennie has helped greatly with my mindset about success.

She’s inspirational with her unique personal style and ability to understand people and adapt her style accordingly.

Unlike other property programs I’ve been involved with in the past, REIM with Jennie is so much more valuable.

From the first day I spoke to Jennie on the phone I felt comfortable and get a real buzz out of all interactions with her, whether it be a live event, a phone call or the one on one sessions in person.

For anyone wanting to take themselves to the next level and beyond I would highly recommend this program.

Kellie Powell, Brisbane